Smart bracelet app relies on unreliable, hand ring or buy?

2017-09-22 09:44:31

    How many steps did you take today?I'm still two thousand steps away, and I have dinner and then go!With the development of smart phones, healthy sports smart bracelet app comes into being.Apps like step counting and heart rate test are becoming more and more popular.Many people are still in the circle of friends and how many steps have been taken today.But a lot of people wonder: are these apps giving accurate results?20 percent mobile phone installed health sports App.

          App refers to third-party applications of smart phones, and different mobile phones have different App stores. For example, the familiar iphone has the App Store.In addition to popular apps such as games and reading, the health sports App is a rising star, but a fierce one.Because walking and running belong to the non-threshold movement, most of the sports apps are built based on the number of steps.

          The people who use the health exercise App are originally designed to keep track of their movements, such as how many steps they have walked and how many floors they have climbed, which also determines that the most basic function of the App is to record.In order to improve the sense of achievement in people's sports, some apps can provide a level or medal mechanism according to the movement.If you can achieve a set goal for a week, the App will give you a false note that allows you to take a few steps a day.Some apps have the function of group movement, and we urge each other to encourage each other, while increasing the fun of sports, we also have closer interaction with relatives and friends.Some apps match the bluetooth heart rate band or heart rate watch, and receive the heart rate data of the exerciser and timely remind them.Some App specialties are food log, so as long as you detail the daily amount of exercise and the food you ingest, you can help you figure out how much heat is consumed by different activities.

             Statistics show that at least 20 percent of smartphone users have downloaded the smart bracelet app.On social networking platform, also appeared "WeChat movement" and "movement", the tool that helps read the relevant information, such as "WeChat movement" can be used as a data platform, support access millet, plump, such as intelligent hand ring, it can also collect apple iphone step of service data.

               There are deviations in the movement ring dataPhone pedometer function or worn sports bracelet, could have such a feeling: when the number of his number is 3000 steps, how the phone will show 2700 steps, 300 steps that actually "corruption" by phone!The others stole the music: I was just taking a shower, and I got 300!

The App's meter - step service principle is that the center of gravity changes when walking, and sensors and coordinators in the device feel the center of gravity moving and counting.But if your phone isn't on your body when you walk, or if you're sitting on a workstation and shaking your phone for a variety of reasons, the number of steps you're going to record is definitely not accurate.Wearing the ring to shower, because the arm is constantly moving, it also "faithfully" gives you a record of the amount of exercise.

              The BBC's lewington did a report on the sport's bracelet earlier this year.Lewindon said it tested four popular sports bracelets and made a horizontal comparison of the test data., according to the results of different equipment in step, calculate the energy consumption and so on many there are errors in the data, walking distance on different equipment gap of 23%, calorie consumption difference is also up to 2649 calories, and that an adult female of the calories consumed almost a day.

               There is also a problem with using the App: people of different ages, sexes, and physical conditions, even if they do the same exercise, have different calorie consumption.If age, weight and height, a runner and a person doing less to the same eight kilometers per hour speed of movement for 20 minutes, people are doing less energy consumption is more than the athletes.

               Phone heart rate measurement is not accurate even if we don't care about running, climbing stairs, walking, the accuracy of the data, but these have to be alert to the function: some smart bracelet app can measure blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, incredibly even claim to monitor epilepsy, neonatal jaundice, skin cancer.

              In February this year, the Wall Street journal reported that apple had originally hoped to apple watches can detect heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological indexes, but found in the development process, related to sensor's performance not up to standard.For example, the sweat on the wrist, the dry skin on the skin, the oil and the tightness of the watch band have a certain effect on the measurement results.