50m waterproof!How powerful can a smart bracelet be?!

2017-09-22 16:04:02

Our lives are being surrounded by more and more intelligent products.In addition to mobile phones, seemed to have a few intelligent product is closely combined with your 24 hours, most, such as intelligent sweeping machine, intelligent washing machine, etc., are needed for a particular moment in the life.

But with the emergence of smart bracelet products and upgrading, from the beginning of running is special, and then sleep, healthy development and perfection of the function such as data monitoring, an intelligent bracelet may be powerful to improve the 24 hours of your life, from the details to improve the quality of your life.

One person thinks it can be described as a "24 hour life butler" as a feature of smart products.

smart bracelet

Sleep - naps can also be monitored accurately

According to statistics, over 30% of the population in China suffer from insomnia, while the post-80s and post-90s are the major groups of insomnia.I believe that many of the friends who are experiencing the work experience have a deep understanding of the pain and suffering of insomnia.Accurate sleep monitoring and analysis and advice have even become a need for life.

CDB center at harvard medical school and smart bracelet with test certification authority of HUAWEI TruSleep sleep monitoring technology, set the alarm clock, can be hand ring gently shake every morning wake up, for many do not like to be the alarm clock to wake, or alarm clock sounds too soft and hear friends can ease up a bit.

What's more useful to me is the ability to monitor naps, short breaks, the number of waking hours at night, and more subtle sleep categories like deep sleep and light sleep.I can learn more about my sleep.Because although sleep time is longer than usual, but the whole person's condition is not as good as usual, may be deep sleep time is too short.The average adult, if you sleep eight hours a day, is ideal for two hours of deep sleep.

Travel - NFC extinguishing screen quick brush

At present, the NFC fast payment in public transportation is becoming the first choice of more and more efficient and convenient people.

Smart bracelet is currently available only in non-nfc versions, and NFC is said to be available at the end of July this year.Many friends on the Internet are waiting for the NFC version.Because this version supports the use of public transport subway, NFC clipping screen quick brush, and mobile APP recharge.The official said that the NFC would be able to continue to take a ride on the NFC for one day, and it was not known whether it was designed specifically for people who often forget about recharging.

Sports - a variety of professional sports patterns

It's been a crazy time to brush your steps, as well as the A4 waist, waistcoat, and comic legs, and it seems like you're missing out on a big social network immediately.But small make up to brush friend circle, everyday is bask in, bask in the gym photograph, seem to also have no special feeling.

In addition, smart bracelet also has running, swimming and other professional models.When running, besides checking the heart rate, running distance and speed of the match, you can also map the running track with your phone's GPS connection.One day give a girl who likes to run a heart-shaped track and a confession on a map. It's better to be romantic than to put a candle on the map.