In 2017, wearpai sports bracelet invites you to run

2017-09-23 16:38:56

wearpai sports bracelet has outstanding appearance design, with the belief color and the burning color to choose, the selection of class aviation grade quality Australian aluminum material to build a one-piece 3D super curved metal fuselage, fashion 100.The wristband USES a medical grade material developed from bayer, Germany, to be comfortable and dirty and create a perfect wearable experience.In terms of function and performance, ZIVA plus has a plus level improvement in the heart rate monitoring precision, endurance, motion monitoring scene, life support function and so on.

sports bracelet

It is worth mentioning that wearpai team for running and walking user tested a lot of experience, in sports ZIVA plus for user to follow and the accuracy of real-time heart rate after continuous optimization, its professional degree comparable with one thousand yuan level of heart rate bracelet;More exercise scene experience, pluswearpaisports bracelet based on its background of medical professional ability, based on the human body heart rate value to help users realize scientific exercise effect and provide heart rate TVC related to remind, embodies the new wristband product team to ZIVA plus, many evaluation shows that ZIVA plus is a very intelligent motion heart rate bracelet worth of experience.

The accuracy of heart rate monitoring jumps, and again it achieves transcendence

As a heart rate monitor bracelet, wearpai sports bracelet has a lot of innovation and core technology input in heart rate monitoring.ZIVA plus carries a new AccuHR heart rate measurement system with strong anti-jamming ability and accurate recording in complex environments.The new generation heart rate sensor of Silicon Labs in the United States has a lower power consumption and higher precision.Third generation Power Pulse with wearpai?Heart rate algorithm, 24 hours to pay attention to the user's heart rate, regardless of resting, exercise, sleep heart rate can be understood at any time.

Automatic identification of various sports scenes, free to start freely

ZIVA plus supports a variety of sports modes such as running, walking and swimming, which can automatically identify movement scenes.Automatic monitoring of movement time, calorie consumption, number of steps/swimming trips, and the movement data of different scenes for the user to report.This feature makes exercise monitoring no longer cumbersome, and users can always move and enjoy the fun of sports at any time.

USB straight plug quick charge, charge 1 minute, run a marathon

Inherit the highly praised wearpai feature USB direct plug charging design, adopt fast charging circuit scheme, select high voltage high capacity battery.With low power devices and new software upgrade, 60 days long range (based on wearpailaboratory simulation using the data, in closed continuous heart rate, only step, wear for 24 hours, 10 times a day hand display).When prompted for low power symbol, charging 1 minute, can complete the marathon within 4 hours.Make life more pleasant and exercise more!

Sports bracelet, warning of heart rate, can help prevent overexertion

In addition to the improvement of heart rate monitoring accuracy, ZIVA plus also added a new sports heart rate warning function, which was opened and set up the heart rate interval alert in wearpai sports APP.Once the heart rate is off, the bracelet will immediately vibrate and alert the movement to prevent overexertion.

IP68 level 50 meters waterproof, swimming performance full record