Sports bracelet, sports APP is fashionable still really usef

2017-09-23 17:01:11

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, and you know that it's important to keep your mouth shut and your legs open, but most people find it hard to keep moving because it's too hard or too boring.At this point, if there is a way to remind you to keep exercising, you are sure to be popular.For example, before you go to sleep, you can see how far you have walked the day, how many calories you have consumed, and supplemented with reports to motivate you to progress.Or sometimes when you want to be lazy, someone reminds you that you should be moving, so is there an incentive for you to move forward?Now popular sports apps and sports bracelet are playing this role.So, using these auxiliary tools to guide diet and exercise depends not on the spectrum?

sports bracelet

Entertainment and interactivity make people fall in love with sports

Sports apps and sports bracelet become a fashion that is inseparable from their functions.First, the sports APP and the bracelet can give feedback to the details of the day's movement, such as steps, speed, time, distance, calories consumed, etc.You can look at all your sports history and statistics, and get detailed data analysis.It can also provide the user with fitness knowledge and fitness planning, which will undoubtedly motivate people to keep exercising.For example, people who lose weight, and see their calories burned, are more likely to stick to it.Secondly, the advantage of sports APP is its interest, such as different games have different music plays.You can hear the cheers of friends in real time.There is interactive, such as splash movement can "running around" with the people around you, to the good friend can release movement routes, and share your progress, this enormously promoted the movement in the process of entertaining and interactive, stimulating the enthusiasm of the people to exercise.

Energy consumption may be overestimated

But are these data reliable?Take the pedometer, for example, the principle is that the center of gravity will change during walking, and the sensor and the collaborator in the device will feel the center of gravity moving and counting.But if your phone isn't on your body, or you're sitting in your seat and shaking your phone for a variety of reasons, it won't be accurate.In addition to the number of steps, the distance that runs and the amount of energy consumed are all present in this problem.In one literature, the three sports bracelets involved in the study overestimated the energy expenditure of physical activity at low speed.

How to use a good sports bracelet

So how do we use this kind of APP or hand ring to make them better for us?

First of all, because hard or boring without movement, sports APP and bracelet is a kind of very good auxiliary tool, they make sport more fun, and help us to adjust schedules, urge us to strengthen exercise, make sports become an essential part of our life.These are some of the things they are sure of. After all, exercise has a good effect on preventing obesity, hyperglycemia, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases, and it's better to exercise than to do nothing.But we should be careful about the amount of calories consumed and how much food should be eaten each day.

For calorie consumption, people of different ages, sexes, and individuals who do the same exercise differ significantly in terms of caloric expenditure.An extreme example, in the same age, same height and the same weight of a runner and a person doing less, the same is 8 km per hour speed movement, 20 minutes later, the person doing less energy than runner, even if their movement speed and time.In the case of food heat, there is a huge difference in the food produced by each household. It is also the Fried eggs of tomatoes, some oil, some oil, and not the same amount of heat.Therefore, in the process of use, we should combine the information provided by APP and bracelet with our actual experience.We ate a piece of cake, for example, the label on the packaging that heat is 200 kilocalorie, this time we want to passes the heat consumption, the movement we can refer to the APP and the information on the bracelet.But before you enter their intake of food a day later, the APP and sports bracelet shows you consume more calories than you take in heat, that is to say, you don't need to control the food you eat too, you will be careful, sports consumption quantity of heat is not so much as we thought, a bottle of 500 ml sweet drinks to increase the quantity of heat, movement to consumption alone, may need to jog around one and a half hours, so don't easily increase their food intake.