Choose the best sports bracelet for you before you run

2017-09-25 16:16:43

According to science fiction 30 years ago, science and technology developed gradually, and humans should become fatter and more lazy until their limbs degenerate.But it seems that technology has not gone along with this road, and sports bracelet has emerged, and such products, with the theme of slimming, sports and health, seem to be an attempt to put an end to the tragedy of human being fat and lazy.

sports bracelet

But there are more and more health tracking bracelets and watches on the market, and it seems like a big problem.And now such wrist products are not limited to the early stages, the quality of sleep is simple, some even have heart rate sensors.So what is your demand for sports bracelet/watch?

If you exercise that is not particularly keen on health, or just want to slightly take time and cost on the thin body, sports bracelet/watch for you probably don't need that, can step, oneself look happy, don't be so far, and fitness scores can also show with friends almost can meet the demand.These are relatively simple functions, such as the ability to measure your steps, set your steps, measure your daily calorie intake, keep track of your running workouts, and sleep quality.

If running is your hobby, and you're not going to spend too much on a wearable sport device, werapai sports is a good choice.The biggest advantage is that the data accuracy is better and more stable, and the waterproof level of 50 meters is not a problem with bathing or swimming.The screen is always bright, so you can look at the time without waking up.The built-in battery lasts up to a year and doesn't need to be charged as much as other bracelets.

Another is compared with the price of products do better incentive mechanism, when you sit for 1 hour, sports bracelet screen will light up red "blood" of one of the case, if ignored, every 15 minutes will be one more, until their lives are lost, and can eliminate walk 200 steps, this is a truly exquisite bracelet "life is movement".It's just that the sleep quality statistics are too simple, and the rest of it is not what sports people want.