Negative ion energy sports bracelet with effect case

2017-09-25 17:05:22

The energy sports bracelet is mainly made of high quality bio-silica gel and Brazilian tourmaline and wheat rice stone.

Body temperature is about 37 ℃, usually the ore particles with a high body temperature to 32 ℃ above will release negative ions and far infrared ray.

sports bracelet

Medical evidence shows that when the body feels tired, the hands and feet ache, the lumbar leg, the neck ache, the pressure is too big, the blood circulation is not good or produces the disease, the body produces a lot of positive ions.Man's wrist with a large number of blood capillary, negative ions and far infrared ray through subcutaneous capillaries into the blood circulation, which neutralize the cations in the body, the decomposition of blood lactic acid waste, promote the blood circulation, assist in the smooth discharge of waste in the blood.Thus increasing the supply of oxygen in the body, regulating balance, removing soreness, improving the body's discomfort, speeding up metabolism, delaying cell senescence, improving immunity, autonomic nerve, etc.

The energy sports bracelet is suitable for all-day wear and is advised to wear both hands at the same time.

Energy sports bracelet9:

1. Prevent electrostatic technology.The interaction of elements regulates the current of the human body, and the current balance belongs to physical adjustment.Both pregnant women and children can wear it.

2. Radiation fatigue.The workers who face the computer every day favor the energy bracelet with anti-fatigue effect.

3. Alleviate pain and numbness.Clean up the blood, break down the acid in the body, relieve the pain and numbness.

4. Improve human function.The bracelet is made of high quality silica gel and natural energy ore, which can help to improve the human body.

5. Promote blood circulation.Increase the temperature of the surrounding area, expand the blood vessels in the affected area, and promote blood circulation

Improve your physical strength and endurance.It can effectively relieve muscle fatigue, increase energy transfer, and improve stamina and concentration.

Improve sleep quality.It can shorten the time of falling asleep and increase the time of deep sleep, which can improve the effect of nervous tension, neurasthenia and insomnia.

8. Improve the body balance.Strengthen the coordination ability of limbs, can make human body muscle fiber thicken, muscle is developed, enhance body flexibility.

9. EEnergy lasts and never dies.The energy released by ordinary energy products will disappear in two or three years, and the energy of the negative ion energy sports will never disappear.