Can you actually lose weight by wearing sports bracelet?

2017-09-26 16:07:26

Can sports bracelet really lose weight?

Not wearing you can reduce more!

Wearable sports surveillance devices may not make good on promises, and counting steps will not help you lose weight.

In fact, it might have been reduced even more.

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The study found that people who were not wearing a health monitor were five pounds less important in a weight loss program than those who wore it.

This is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Journal of the American Medical Association), a study has concluded in the study found that using sports bracelet of weight 5 pounds less than users.

The results shocked researchers who believed wearable technology could help people lose weight.

"(researchers) actually expect people who wear activity tracker in 24 months lose more weight," the study's co-author John yaxshi (John Jakicic), he is a weight management researchers at the university of Pittsburgh.

"It was very surprising when we found the opposite."

The study followed 471 overweight or obese adults, aged 18 to 35, for up to two years.

The subjects participated in a weight loss program focused on exercise, healthy eating, and weekly assistance meetings.

Six months later, a group of participants begin to use a web site, automatic monitoring their calorie intake and physical activity, another group used a sale of wearable devices on the market, to wear in the upper arm, tracking of physical activity.

Two years later, the average person wearing the sports bracelet lost nearly 8 pounds, while the average person who used the online tracking lost 13 pounds.

Losing weight is no more complex than simply monitoring your activities, and it's worth noting that poor eating habits can counteract the benefits of energy consumption in physical activity.

Wearables will not include individuals in maintaining a healthy diet and physical activity.

"I think the public may have a view that they have to wear such a device to make things easier," he said.

"Regardless, if wearing a sports bracelet can help you become more active and manage your weight better, it's absolutely necessary to keep going."