How practical is sports bracelet?

2017-09-26 16:13:11

The sports bracelet seems to be really hot, and miss spectrum thinks that if you don't wear something, you probably won't be able to go out.

Not only can the bracelet replace the timing of the watch, it can also measure your health.

So today we're going to look at the spectrum of motion bracelets.

sports bracelet

[function of movement ring]


Movement monitoring

Sports monitoring is one of sports bracelet's most basic functions.

You can count your movements, your distance, your trajectory, the calories you burn, and some functions like pulse and heart rate.

Records of sleep

Keep track of your sleep time and quality, and then use the alarm clock in the morning to wake you up.

Although earlier, sports bracelet was relatively stupid, if the user forgot to switch mode, the goods always thought you were sleeping.

Now it's smart, it can be recognized automatically.



Phone calls or message alerts and alarm bells.

This is very useful when your phone is in your bag or in your pocket.

A smart band with a screen can also display notifications on the screen.


Brush the bus card


Some of the later sports brands have come from behind, and have been working on practical functions, such as city smart card, which can be paid by using the ring of scan on the bus.


Finally, have to ridicule, because the industry is the widespread use of photoelectric measurement, vulnerable to outside interference, the data processing results of intelligent bracelet has a lot of uncertainty, a personal life can only be used as a reference.

However, it's very awesome to brush friends.