It is only for the fans who have created the smart bracelet

2017-09-28 17:07:23

Ever wondered whether there would be a smart watch, smart bracelet or any wearable device that would specifically focus on a particular sport?

After all, for most people, there are usually only one or two of the most popular and most popular sports.

If you're a soccer player or soccer fan, check out this smart bracelet called Fantom, which claims to be the first wearable device designed for soccer fans.

Especially for true fans or fans of a certain club, it offers a lot of interesting features in addition to support for heart rate monitoring and NFC payments.

Fantom will work with well-known football clubs around the world to give fans information that is exclusive to a particular club.

Not any nasty subjective analysis, or mainstream experience media with biased news.

Fans will view real-time information from the smart bracelet with an LCD display, including race time, historical data, past honors and even the best player in a game.

The biggest feature of Fantom is the "fan finder" feature that allows you to find fans who have similar interests.

If someone around you happens to like the same football club, Fantom will automatically remind you.

Then you can start chatting, Shouting and watching the game to cheer for the team.

Obviously, it's very suitable for use in sports bars or stadiums.

Of course, with Fantom, you can also know your club's transfer news for the first time. Maybe you have become the first fan to know that neymar has moved to Paris saint-germain.

Fantom can customize for your favorite club representative colors, currently Fantom provides the version of Manchester city, in addition to the premier league, in the future will also provide from Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal all popular famous team version.

Of course, there will be some versions of teams like MLS, Russia and Greece.

We don't yet know the price of the Fantom fan smart bracelet, which will go on sale in October, which is good news for real fans.

It's a very creative idea, and the future will offer season tickets, meals and designated fan supplies, as well as a key to the hotel room.

But for now, Fantom is a niche market for fans.