Do not pretend, the smart bracelet you bought, you just want

2017-10-09 10:36:03

Why are you buying a smart bracelet?

Step meter?

Heart rate?

Sleep monitoring?

Don't pretend, you just want to pretend, that's all!

The smart wristbands you bought in those years, are you still wearing them?

The outbreak began in 2014, when many technology companies in China and abroad rushed to release smart products.

Microsoft hand ring, samsung watch, Fitbit bracelet, huawei bracelet, OPPO hand ring, xiaomi bracelet, etc., as if it is not good to be confused in the ring.

Although there are many brands, each family is similar in function.

Bracelet is not precise intelligent monitoring instrument, but the core composition module mainly divided into: motion sensors, batteries, memory chips, bluetooth communication module, vibration motor, screen, body dynamic recorder, NFC, etc., with the development of the bracelet, there are other function modules to join.

So at that time, the smart bracelet was covered with the clothing of science and technology, not only the geek house, the technology man wearing, the sports talent, the fashionable men and women also like.

Unfortunately, even now, the players' bracelets are basically the same, leaving users with no expectations, or no more technical breakthroughs.

We can't help but ask, does smart bracelet have a sore point?

Smart bracelet, although there is a step, heart rate, sleep monitoring movement performance, but for non-professional sports or fitness professionals, are all false needs, are alerted to unlock the phone, the two function to compare reality, but compared with the smart watches, its function and is thin, and relative to mobile phones, whether it's bracelet or watch, their viscosity is obviously insufficient.

Viscous lack the most direct problem is that we can easily rival ring boredom, gradually forgotten, or forget to look at your data, or forget to wear, the last is forget where I put my it.

You're lazy, and the smart bracelet really doesn't help you lose weight, run, and help you get rid of those chronic bad habits.

Changing people's habits is a thankless task.

Maybe in the short term, you'll try to make a new friend, but it won't take long, maybe even a month, and you'll take off your bracelet and get back to your old self.