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2017-10-09 16:52:06

What roles does fitness play in your daily life? And how do you keep in doing fitness to stick to your goal? Running in gyms, hiking outdoors or doing yoga at home by yourself. Most of us keep fit base on data, such as, how many steps did the pedometer count? How long have you walked? And how many calories have you consumed base on your movement? Actually, it is necessary to get the data in order to have a clear understanding about your body, anyway we always see the news about someone was sent to hospital because of overexercise.


Cell phone may be the most popular device that most of us get the data through by. But you know what? A smart bracelet can do better for your body than a cell phone. For the most intuitive that a smart bracelet is just like a watch and you may not even feel it when you are doing sport.

1. A smart bracelet can do what all phones can do, it can counts your steps, mileages and calories base on your sport.

2. A smart bracelet has more strong and powerful functions, It can track your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, so that you can monitor your body status when you are exercising, keeping an appropriate rhythm will reach the most ideal effect and easy to achieve your goal.

3. A smart bracelet can monitor your total effective sleeping time and motion time every night, helping you develop good living habits.

4. A smart bracelet just like a smart watch, it has a touch screen showing date, time and week, all the sport items can be control on the screen. Moreover, you can wear it under the water for it is waterproof that rating a IP67 level. So even you are swimming it can track your sport data.

5. Download the APP and connect to your phone via Bluetooth and all the sport data can display on your phone.

6. A smart bracelet has another incredible function is remote camera that allows you take photos by this smart bracelet when your cell phone is somewhere just several meters away from you. Perfect for party and meeting to catch every impressive moments, and your selfie stick can get a long time rest.

7. A smart bracelet has sedentary reminder function, when you put yourself back into the work you may forget to stand up and get a rest, this smart bracelet will kindly remind you, just like a sweet clock. Help you develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health.

8. Last but not least, message reminder, wear this smart bracelet, you will never miss any important massage from social software.


Get a smart bracelet to start your more healthy fitness life.



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