What do you give her for her birthday?Sports bracelet

2017-10-11 17:43:50

Sports masses with mass awakening, suddenly began to buy all kinds of sports equipment "adornment", so look professional, don't like going to the gym to see girl!

You say not!

But what is a professional sports kit, sports bracelet?

sports bracelet

Take the "sport bracelet" that has become popular in recent years. For example, first of all, a good sports bracelet is necessary.

The second is the use of the (bi) functions, such as the motion meter, the mileage monitoring, the waterproof and the fall, etc.

A more advanced sport bracelet can also have some practical business functions. When you have a phone, text message, or WeChat information, you will be reminded of it by a passing ring.

What sports bracelet has these advanced features or more?

The JOROTO smart sports bracelet!

Couldn't say for sure is to exercise the purchased equipment, or because of the good equipment and to exercise, but do you believe it, both of which is complementary to each other, to sports to fashion, nothing wrong!

Let's take a look at the look of it, the understated purple, the style of the dial, whether it's a handsome boy or a fashionable lady, it's all about it, and it's not going to stop when you see it.

TPU light and comfortable band, adopt the skin-friendly material, proud lightness (I am proud of petite public).

Sports bracelet multi-function display

The hand ring of "technology is not enough, appearance level to be put together" is not comparable to JOROTO smart sport bracelet, because it is very practical, so let's take a look at the Gif below.

It is more convenient to touch and carry the humanized operation of the wrist

In the market, many sports bracelets are thin bands and no screen, thus achieving the "light" effect of sports bracelet.

But small make up think that no screen hand ring is not humanized, the operation is inconvenient.

JOROTO intelligent motion bracelet strap 18 mm wide men and women are suitable for strap width, 38 mmx18mm dial size, tactility more fluid, lift the wrist bright screen, left wrist of breath screen the details of the more prominent human side, even when running at random switching functions are no problem, you see the little handsome boy operating more than 6!

There is also USB to plug and fill function, 2 hours quick charge, hand ring can be used for 7 days continuously!

Exercise monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and more monitoring are waiting for you!

JOROTO intelligent motion bracelets, of course, take high performance CPU, motion sensor, dynamic attitude sensors, steps to get the heart rate, at any time, movement distance data, such as all-weather monitoring, no manual connection.

Don't worry about your heart beating!

Oh yes, JOROTO smart sports bracelet can also monitor your sleep situation, you can't sleep and start to sleep on the same month you still know!!!!

Don't lie to yourself!

The multi-mode switch, the movement is more convenient!

The girls are fitness counting the calories to eat every day, with JOROTO intelligent motion bracelet fitness mode, doing well the consumption of sports consumption of the heat, different sports consumption quantity of heat also is not the same!

No longer hold ~ with his mouth and cycling model, can easily record time and cycling track cycling, simple sweeps also bundled with WeChat movement, is more an alarm function, never late for work!

The phone bluetooth connection, good goddess of every message!

JOROTO smart sports bracelet, with mobile phone connection to realize all-round monitoring.

Every phone call of the goddess, every WeChat, can reply in time!

Do you take a picture with your camera?

JOROTO smart sports bracelet can be used to take photos and videos of mobile phones. It can also randomly switch music, and the cool life is not a dream!

Look at this anti-fall and waterproof test, do you think JOROTO smart sport bracelet is more reliable?

Handsome boy, beauty, bikini, all are in the gym wait for you, the picture is so beautiful, do not buy a motion ring concave model to make no sense, this summer install X is all depend on it!