More than a second, the six sports bracelets represent the f

2017-10-11 17:25:36

Technology is moving forward, and the ability of smart wearables to be given is no longer a single piece of human data that detects movement.sports bracelets

Can from can be turned into the bracelet, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to projection operator interface to the arm to operate the projection hand ring, the following 6 sports bracelet, represents the future development direction of intelligent equipment dressing.

More entertaining: the wearable aerial photography craft Nixie

Nixie, from Intel's "Make it Wearable" wearables challenge, is a four-axis aircraft that can be worn on your hands.


When you use it, you can just take it off and unfold it, and it can take a picture, shoot video, and completely free your hands.

For example, taking it off while riding a bike, using it to take photos of yourself and video, think it's cool.


Nixie takes photos and video through action prediction algorithms and sensors, and offers four modes: flight mode, panorama mode, following mode and spiral mode.


Prototype testing

Nixie weighs 45 grams, and it's easy to lose weight on your wrist.

You can take full hd images and video and connect with your phone.



More comprehensive: Moov Now fitness bracelet

Moov Now is Taiwan designers YanWenHao design of an intelligent wearable device, the device design is concise and easy, is composed of multiple holes, on the basis of the data tracker provides a more effective user experience.


Regular fitness trackers can usually accurately estimate the distance, heart rate, motion path, and other basic data of the user's movement.

Moov Now adds a stronger sense of space on the general wearables, with built-in accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers, and the hardware is perfect.


Two Moov Now in the left hand can detect the wearer's boxing


Moov Now is designed for waterproofing and can be worn while swimming


Moov Now can monitor steps and foot pressure while running

Just like real fitness trainer, Moov Now will be comprehensive analysis the wearer the mechanics state of motion process, and provide real-time feedback, artificial intelligence for the wearer to make the wearer to achieve the best effect of exercise every day and prevent injury caused by improper actions.


More system: WHOOP fitness band

Unlike other wearables, WHOOP's components are integrated into a single unit, including the device center, the clasp, and the individual wristband.


The device, developed by aruliden and the WHOOP team, can help elite athletes, coaches and trainers to optimize special training and develop competition plans.


It can be collected data into a visual image, convenient with the athletes, teammates, coaches and trainers to share, to help users reasonable training plan, reduce injuries and improve overall performance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of help users in the field of personal growth rise.


The wristband is lightweight and its layered structure is more capable of meeting high performance requirements and can be easily dismantled or replaced to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.


Lighter: thin thread bracelet

Designed by Norway, it can be paired with a sporty watch designed by apple watch and garmin with timex, which is not only comfortable and safe, but also half the weight of a traditional bracelet.


In terms of monitoring, the bracelet can record the data itself, connect the computer and other devices, conduct information exchange, and complete the analysis of health.


The bracelet design takes full account of the runner's needs and can be easily worn around the finger when the wrist is easy to swing.


Currently, there is only one specification for the bracelet, which supports wireless charging.


Disney em-sense watch

The em-sense smart watch, produced by Disney, can identify objects that are touched by users and provide feedback on the electronic screen.


For em-sense, identifying is only the first step, first by studying the user's daily habits and behaviors, and then providing you with plans, itineraries and other relevant services.


For example, em-sense automatically recognizes and sets an alarm clock for users when they brush their teeth, saving those who don't know how long it will take.


And when you put it on the scale, it automatically collects data and feeds it back to the screen of the watch, which can be passed on to the computer through the cloud.


Smarter: Cicret projection bracelet

Designed by the French technology company Cicret, the smart hand ring is built into a projector that can operate smart devices directly on the skin.


Wearing a bracelet, the skin on the arm will become a touch screen, and people can play games, surf the Internet, call and so on.


The Cicret bracelet, which is "completely transplanted" to the arm, can be manipulated on the skin by collaborating with the projection and location sensors.


The bracelet also has a waterproof feature that allows you to wear it when you're taking a shower.

Cicret also has a built-in GPS module to provide positioning and navigation services when traveling.