Sports bracelet, what do I want to love you?

2017-10-13 17:16:34

Recently, from Baird analyst William a rival Power and report adverse trends: ring industry in a survey of 3400 U.S. consumers, up to 85% of people said, they don't want to buy sports bracelet.

About a third of those who wanted to buy a sport bracelet said they wanted to buy Fitbit, and about a third said they would wait for the launch of the Apple Watch, which covers the bracelet.

It's worth noting, however, that up to 85 percent of respondents said they didn't want to buy sports bracelets.


After the first two years of rapid growth, since last year, represented by the Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit (Nike has withdrawn from the market) hand ring's overall market share has began to be represented by Android Wear and other third-party platform for intelligent encroach on watch.

In the face of such serious situation, bracelet most of the manufacturer's product line has been toward the two levels of development, a smaller function, to professional and intelligent and emphasis on design, such as delay of Jawbone UP3.

The other goes to a "super bracelet", which is not only powerful, but also has a screen to include many features of the smartwatch, such as the newly sold Fitbit Surge.


Late last year, Microsoft's "super" hand ring entered the fray.

At the last CES 2015, a number of manufacturers showed off the new products.


For now, however, those handymakers don't seem to have found a great way to deal with the "super-powerful" smartwatches that are represented by the Moto 360 and the Apple Watch.

The author also believes that although it is still a "golden age" for smart wearable devices, the wearable devices that will only provide basic motion tracking in the future will not survive.


New type of intelligent wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, can not only track the movements of the user fitness condition and data analysis, the derivative operation such as social sharing, can also help them on their wrists for all kinds of close tasks, for example, you can browse the real-time weather, stock market, information most often refer to the calendar.

There is no doubt that such new devices will change the existing wearable market.

On the other hand, most of the existing sports bracelets are still in the equipment collection data, and the mobile App presents the primary level of basic data.

And these operations include the effects that are not really significant to the user.

I tried to wear my Fitbit before, but it didn't last a week.

Looking at the number of steps and heat records displayed on the phone App, I didn't feel like I was going to do anything next.

Whether people really care about how many steps they have walked or whether they are just a good reason to be fresh or beautiful.

645.webp (1).jpg

Exercise itself is a selling point, but it's not the only selling point.

A "magic formula" has been put forward to make people want to wear wearable devices.

Visual appeal (including fashion attractive and user needs) + adaptability (including application, API, and gives the opportunities provided by the developer) + good software platform (including a good design and usability) + motion sensor (a variety of sensors, rather than just recording steps) = products sell like hot cakes

Last year's Android Wear watch largely fits this formula.

The Moto 360 is not only visually appealing, it also offers a variety of applications, as well as a variety of motion sensors.

But the platform itself gives us the sense that more needs to be done.

Of course, the Android Wear platform is still in the early stages of development, and Google is still expected to be the top spot in the future.


While no company has yet been able to really open up the wearables market, apple, which is about to launch a smartwatch, is on track to do so.

Even though there is some controversy over the look and design of the Apple Watch, its more apparent user experience is still expected, and it is Apple's specialty.


However, if the Apple Watch does reach its forecast of 24 million sales targets this year, the pure sports players could be in for a disaster.

Of course, consumers and the market are in charge.sports bracelet