Before you run, choose the one that is best for your sports

2017-10-14 16:59:28

According to science fiction 30 years ago, science and technology developed gradually, and humans should become fatter and more lazy until their limbs degenerate.

But it seems that technology doesn't follow this path, sports bracelet/hand

The list shows that such products as slimming, sports and health seem to be aimed at stamping out the tragedy of being fat and lazy.

But there are more and more health tracking bracelets and watches on the market, and it seems like a big problem.

And now such wrist products are not limited to the early stages, the quality of sleep is simple, some even have

Heart rate sensor.

So what is your demand for sports bracelet/watch?

sports bracelet

If you exercise for health it is not a particularly keen, or just want to slightly take time and cost on the thin body, so sports bracelet/watch maybe don't need that, for you can plan the steps, looked at himself

Be happy, don't be so outrageous, and it's almost enough to be able to show off your fitness grades and your friends.

The following are relatively simple in function, which can measure steps, set number of steps, and measure daily calorie consumption

The bracelet that records running and sleep quality may be considered.

If you only need the most basic health tracking

Garmin vivofit: if running is your hobby, and you're not going to spend too much on a wearable sport device, Garmin vivofit is a good choice for a doorknot-like product.

The big advantage is that

The accuracy of the data is better and more stable, the waterproof level of 50 meters is wearing bathing and swimming.

The screen is always bright, so you can look at the time without waking up.

The built-in battery lasts for up to a year and doesn't have the same battery life as other bracelets

It takes a day to recharge.

Another is compared with the price products do better incentive mechanism, when you sit for 1 hour, vivofit screen will light up red "blood" of one of the case, if ignored, every 15 minutes more

One, until you feel that your life is fading away, get up and go 200 steps to get rid of it. This is a bracelet that really pays attention to "life is movement".

It's just that sleep quality statistics are too simple, and they're probably static

sports bracelet

Not vivofit.

If you need more comprehensive functionality

In sports bracelet/watch on the text or even make a phone call is a high-tech, mobile phone don't have to take it out from my pocket can get SMS, E-mail or even friends WeChat - this kind of behavior in addition to the surface

The front show is very effective, the mobile phone can not be taken out during the movement, this function also can appear very convenient.

Even if the sports bracelet and watch don't function as smartwatches on a general-purpose device, some of them will be used in part

Mobile phones are still available.

Garmin Vivosmart: from the characteristics of sports bracelet itself, some advantages of Vivosmart function, such as the accuracy of the steps,

It also comes with some new features, such as being able to monitor your heart rate belt

Measure heart rate, although heart rate belt is to need a user to buy again on their own, finally have the tendency of sport semiprofessional.

For many people, the ability to receive information feeds after a phone connection is truly practical.

Vivosmart, unlike many wristbands or watches, can receive messages but only text messages and phone calls.

It can be taken

Information push any phone third-party applications, including QQ, WeChat, even weibo, taobao, etc., and screen display support Chinese, so this information can be in Vivosmart, see on the screen of the mobile phone is not

Take it out. It's a bit of a smartphone.

Just Vivosmart still failed to automatically switch to sleep mode, or requires the user to tell it to go to bed, sleep quality will do, if the feature can improve the convenience of Vivosmart is in hand ring industry

It's going to look pretty outstanding.

If you're looking at heart rate monitoring

What's the use of knowing your heart rate other than being able to wear something?

It's actually quite useful, because the heart rate can be used to say a lot of things, like your heart rate is over a certain interval

Saying that you're currently burning fat -- keeping it in that way can help people who are demanding weight loss.

It's also important to monitor heart rate data to prevent sudden death.

Garmin Forerunner 15: in Garmin's sports wristwatch, Forerunner 15 is in the entry-level position, but it is equipped with hrm-3 heart rate belt in the full range of products, and the GPS+ heart rate monitoring can be 8 hours long

Life, wearing a Forerunner 15 running a marathon will be a problem - so this is a real sports equipment for runners, for them, more accurately reflect the cardiopulmonary function is quite important.

GPS means the sport watch can be used to record movement.

But beyond that, data tracking is basic, roughly similar to vivofit, so there's a difference between it and a professional sports watch -- with the exception of GPS

Heart rate tracking, if used only for routine steps, can last up to five weeks.

The localisation of Forerunner 15 is still not enough, and only social networks like Twitter can be Shared.

If you're a real sports fan

Real sports enthusiasts who dared to do all sorts of challenges, these people disdain and that after just a step or not help to think of it only bracelet/watch is adornment, they pursuit of long-lasting endurance exercise, even

The control of knee injury and muscle strength;

You need to keep track of different sports, running, cycling, swimming and so on. You will have a good command of everything, not just a calorie count, but a comprehensive one

A sports watch is a must.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT: growing up so that it is not only for bluffing, but also with the GPS and hrm-run heart rate band, the full form of Forerunner 920XT, the altitude, coordinates, etc. are just basic information,

Step, bounce, and touch time these are the people who are really passionate about running.

It can accurately calculate the parabola, which is passing through the air during the run, to measure the amplitude of the body in the vertical direction

To calculate the power of the foot contact with the ground.

In addition to the steady running rhythm, Forerunner920XT also comes with a metronome, and the speaker will make a rhythmic sound.

In addition, the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) was also given 10 minutes after the heart rate was worn, even

The result is 5km, 10km, half and full marathon.

After the long run, you will also be reminded of the effects of the running on physical fitness, giving the recommended rest time and the first few minutes of running

Check the recovery of heart rate data. If the recovery is not satisfactory, then the warning is given.

In addition, under the full training mode of the sensor, it can still hold for 17 hours, swimming, cycling and other sports without the words, swimming and paddling

Frequency, frequency data, and even automatic identification of swimming, the cargo is absolutely flagship of professional sports terminal.

Garmin Fenix3: this latest generation of Fenix wrist while look more calm, but movement patterns include mountaineering, hiking, trail running, cycling, indoor outdoor swimming, compound training, cross-country skiing and even jump

Umbrella, and all have corresponding monitoring mode, listen to know that is not for ordinary people.

In addition to the basic parameters such as exercise history and heart rate (combined with heart rate band), the data of step frequency, bounce amplitude, contact time and maximal oxygen uptake were also found

Both provided.

Except for swimming, cycling is quite professional data is given, the GPS function especially in sport watches, top with altimeter, barometer, triaxial ones, track record supports most features 100 track,

10000 track points and 1000 navigation points.

When hiking outdoors, you can manually mark a favorite point. The entrance of the mountaineering movement can be first marked with a navigation point, and then you are not afraid to lose your way.

Cooperate with the product to include the hiking buckle, optional

Foot Pod pedometer, solar charging group, etc., and Garmin Connect rich training program, including marathon, triathlon, physical improvement, etc., Garmin Fenix3 is definitely the one who loves sports people

Good choice.

In this sports bracelet, watch the time more and more, human beings are don't like science fiction in the said collective become fat, even science and technology has brought convenience for mankind, above these things wear in hand

The urge to walk or run will be there anyway.

But in the end, the motivation for exercise is mainly about yourself, so don't let them sleep in your drawer after you buy them.