What is the experience of the Wearpai K1 smart bracelet?

2017-10-16 17:51:13

Wearpai K1 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the smart bracelet experience


It introduces the very first automatic real-time heart rate detection and 97.65% heart rate accuracy. More intelligent in medical value. More extraordinary in activity tracking. Wrist raises, screen awakens. Excellent waterproof performance. Desirable social contact functions. 

Healthy life starts from K1!

97.65% accuracy & automatic heart rate monitor

K1’s automatic detection of heart rate with unique real-time monitoring system make it an breakthrough achievement. And it’s another incredible achievement must be the 97.65% accuracy heart rate test.

(data reference: the scope of normal heart rate is 60-100 times/min, aerobic sport heart rate range is 110-148 times/min, anaerobic sport heart rate range is 150-168times/min, extreme sports heart rate range is 168-190 times/min. But different people may show different data, just for reference)


As basic function of heart rate monitoring device that with no intervention, no operation to monitor data, K1 is much humanized than any other similar bracelet with automatic monitoring function which support daily, weekly, monthly heart rate reports, you can make a clear understanding of your own heart rate and check your health situation anytime & anywhere.

What K1 gives you is all profession!

Reliable medical value

Monitor heart rate as K1’s biggest medical value, in fact, it can predict sudden cardiac death which appears with no preventive measures by continuous heart rate monitoring. It can predict the occurrence of malignant cardiovascular events from a long period high frequency accurate heart rate monitoring.

K1 is always around you!

Activity tracking

K1 not only records the activity time, steps, distance and calories consumption, but also can monitor sleep, fitness tracking. you can visually reflect the sleep quality. Based on your sports target, it will remind you to reach the target once you are sedentary.

K1 VS cellphone, you know K1 wins!


Wrist raises, screen awakens

Bid farewell to the traditional bracelet button, percussion mode. K1’s new design let you just gently lifting your arm and you can wake up the screen, watching the time and heart rate in a more convenient way. Lightweight design which fully compliance with your requirements in sports. You can also check our heart rate during running, biking and swimming.

K1 wants to be part of your body!

Waterproof performance: 

K1’s waterproof rating up to IP68 which allows you wear it under the water depth of 30 meters when swimming. 

And making of special high quality material endows K1 powerful functions: wear-resisting, anti-corrosion(like your cosmetics) and anti-collision(from 1.2 meters height)

Built-in high density lithium polymer battery which supports continuous working for 6-10 days or standby for 10-15 days.

K1 never absent itself!


(Note: In order to avoid water vapor entering the dial, do not wear K1 to a hot bath and constant-temperature swimming pool. No hot water!)

Social contact functions

K1 can display calls, text messages, micro blogging, WeChat, facebook, Twitter and other mobile phone APP news directly once connected with your cellphone through Bluetooth. You will not worry about missing any calls/text/social messages as it will gently vibrate to remind you of all notifications.

Communicate with the world, you need K1!

3 colors for your option

K1 introduces three colors black, blue and red, perfect for sports fans, lovers, family, students and sworn followers, you know sworn followers like wear the same.

K1 lets your relationship go further!

How to use K1 :

1.System & Hardware requirement 

For Android 4.4 and above 

For iOS8.0 and above 

Support Bluetooth4.0

2.Use preparation 

Please use the charger(included) to charge K1 for the first time use.


Download the APP for connection.

Download APP:

Please search "WearFit2.0" in APP store or in Android market . 

Binding :

Please make sure the Bluetooth is on, and open "WearFit2.0". Click the selection of link to bracelet, find the device name in the list and click it. then enter the main interface.


When using K1 for the first time, it’s built-in battery has no power, please take out the charger and charge it. And the device will automatically update the time and data when binding the APP.

2) can not find device when pairing device?

Please make sure the distance between phone and device less than 0.5m

Please make sure the device is not under low battery. if there is still problem after 1.5hours charging, Please contact us.

3)Can not connect the device with app?

Some smart phone Bluetooth service will be abnormal when reboot. Please reboot your smart phone for pairing device.

4)Why the android mobile disconnect?

For Android mobile phone system memory management will be forced to turn off the background APP,you need to turn off the power saving mode or pull the app into the system housekeeping green background inside, APP will not be forced to close. 

5)Package list: 1 * K1 smart bracelet, 1 * English and Chinese manual, 1 * charger

Wait for you to find more about K1!

How to order K1 smart bracelet

1)Copy the follow link and you will find it 


2)For more excellent products please enter the store https://pt.aliexpress.com/store/3088106?spm=a2g03.search0104.3.5.HFpXlG

3)Any problems please contact us : zac@wearpai.com 

Choose your life, choose K1!