What does wearables refer to?Smart bracelet?

2017-10-18 16:50:28

At present, the so-called "wearables" mainly refers to the three types of products, such as smart glasses, smart bracelets and sports fitness bands.

Among them, smart glasses and watch products are basically still in concept, without a truly perfect product;

The sports monitoring bracelet, which is a product of the rapid development of 2013, includes Jawbone UP24, Fitbit Force, etc., which are very good choices.

Using exercise monitoring bracelet, not only can urge oneself to do more exercise, but also be able to understand the body, the movement and the sleep situation effectively, can say the fashionable healthy life necessary fittings.

So, in face of the design and model of Lin Lin in the market, how should choose?

Let's talk about it.


Design: stylish and comfortable

Jawbone UP24 is the most fashionable design

At present, the wearable device which can realize the motion monitoring function mainly adopts the wrist band (bracelet) or the contour design of the watch, which can be said to have both advantages and disadvantages.

We use three devices for distance, which are Jawbone UP24, Fitbit Force, and Basis B1.

Of these, Jawbone UP24 doesn't have a screen, is closest to the bracelet, and looks even more stylish, even if you're wearing a watch.

In addition, Jawbone UP24 also has small, medium and junior models, which can fit most people.


Fitbit Force has a small LCD screen

The Fitbit Force is a device between a wristband and a watch, which can display information such as time or motion data, which is not very fashionable in its design, but is better in functionality.


Basis B1 looks more like an electronic watch

The last one, Basis B1, is designed with a similar electronic watch. The advantage is that it is very comfortable to wear, and it also supports changing wristbands, which are comfortable and durable.

Of course, if you already wear a watch, you can't wear Basis B1 anymore.

Summary: to sum up, choose a good exercise monitor bracelet, just from the appearance design, need to balance good fashion and comfort.

Fitness bracelets often need to be worn on the wrist, too ugly to be used.

Also consider the situation of the watch, if already have a traditional watch, obviously do not need to buy the product of the appearance of watch again.


Sensors and functions: the more comprehensive the better

Basically, all sports monitoring bracelet products have built-in triaxial acceleration sensors that monitor your activity data.

For example, with Jawbone UP24, you can implement the step function to see how many calories you burn.

In addition, sleep monitoring functions can be implemented, and the use of sensors during sleep to monitor your turn to distinguish between light sleep or deep sleep can help you improve your sleep quality.

Fitbit Force more advanced some built-in sensors, in addition to providing Jawbone UP24 all function, also has a high measuring sensors, which can be used to record the stairs or climb a mountain of data, function more comprehensive.

Basis B1 is three new products in the largest number of built-in sensors, not only can realize the movement and sleep monitoring, also built in optical flow sensors, sweat monitor, temperature sensors, etc., to collect more comprehensive data, and through the custom engine fusion algorithm and generate a detailed report data.

Summary: obviously, the number and variety of determines the motion sensor monitoring bracelet product functionality, obviously the more powerful product nature, the better, but the user can choose according to their own needs.

If you're not a high-intensity sports fan, just keep track of the calories and quality of your sleep that you use every day.


Software: good equipment compatibility

Obviously, the application software is an important factor that we need to consider even FitBit Force and the Basis of B1 such products have display, but more rich content is still not as good as the smartphone applications.

First, Jawbone UP24, which does not support Web page data pages, needs to connect to the iPhone via bluetooth to view the data.

FitBit Force to have a bright OLED screen, you can view a data such as time, quantity of heat, steps, if you want more detail information, can support the iOS and Android devices, also can to transmit data to the PC through USB cable, very comprehensive.

The final Basis B1 shows that the data is very complex, but its own screen is dim and the effect is not very good.

It can also support data synchronization on iOS, Android, and PC.

Summary: the compatibility of smart devices, PCS, or Web platforms is a necessary element to measure the scalability of the mobile device.

If you just want to use your smartphone to view data, consider whether your smartphone supports it.


Summed up

The Jawbone UP24, Fitbit Force and Basis B1 of our discussion are just one example of the extra considerations, as well as water resistance and battery life.

In general, what you need to consider is whether the gadget is going to be worn all the time, whether it's compatible with your smartphone, whether it's comprehensive, and so on.