This is the real sport bracelet

2017-10-19 17:19:23

Now a lot of people buy sports bracelet, but I don't really understand what they buy.

Since last year, the domestic blowing a stream of agitation "outbreak", we are in the circle of friends and other social networking sites to share their daily steps "outbreak", and thus promote the sports bracelet of agitation, now

Greatly small sports bracelet brands on the market at least thousands of, the price can fall from dozens to thousands of yuan, but most includes nothing but is that a few: step, sleep time, heart rate calculation.

It's ok to turn down the wrist. "look!

I'll shine!"

Anyway, all of these things are actually like chicken ribs.

Although the trend of sports bracelet is not as popular as it was before, popularity is popular, and these toys can be used well

With a great deal of satisfaction, today amway is one of the most useful bracelets I've ever seen.

Through the APP management fitness, healthy Inbody Band, from the leading global body composition analyzer leading enterprise Korea Inbody company

You may not have heard Inbody body composition analyzer, but for the fitness industry must be strange, many large gym will be equipped with a body composition analyzer for the member to provide test data to better in the body

Learn about your body before exercising.

Test results of InBody770 human component analyzer

Currently, the InBody body composition analyzer is 770, with a market value of over 400,000 RMB.

Unlike previous models, there will be an analysis of the extracellular moisture ratio at the bottom of the table and the history of the test takers, and the addition of the right side of the form

Visceral fat area, segment fat analysis, etc.

Here are some of the most basic and most needed data:

Protein 1.

Protein is an important component of all human cells, tissues, the importance of it is needless to say, if the body lack of protein is not only unfavorable to add muscle also easy to make the body immunity drop, in addition, love to eat midnight snack or

Seafood people also want to note that protein if ingested too much can be converted into fat in the body to cause fat accumulation while increasing the burden on the kidneys.

2. The body fat

Body fat which is contained the body fat content, the lower body fat is not the better, it plays a great role in human body, and is also one of the major nutrition, fat is the highest energy density of food nutrients

More than double the amount of glucose or protein in a gram, and low body fat content can lead to decreased immunity and hormone secretion disorders.

3. The skeletal muscle

We usually refer to "muscle mass" as the "skeletal muscle".

Skeletal muscle is the muscle that attaches to the bones and is mainly distributed in the limbs.

If the body is too low in muscle, it is easy to look thin and thin in appearance

Ring is beautiful, in terms of actual low muscle mass greater harm is likely to cause low immunity so as to increase the risk of sickness, and both men and women, to enter after age 25 muscle mass will be reduced by 1-2 kg per person per year, the amount of muscle

This reduces the direct impact on basal metabolic rate, which is why people often say it is easy to be "middle-aged".

4. Body mass parameter BMI

BMI, Body Mass Index, is one of the main methods used to assess obesity in the world.

People who are less than 18.5 are underweight and above 32 are obese.

But because of BMI measurements

Does not contain fat, therefore does not apply to athletes, the athletes have higher muscle mass then calculate BMI is likely to be overweight, in the same way, children, pregnant women and weak or sedentary also shall not apply to the old man.

5. Percentage of body fat

Body fat percentage is refers to the use of fat, expressed as a percentage of total weight of women because of the need to regulate body fat hormone balance, if the body fat in a short period of time down to a lower level is easy to cause the endocrine

Dissonance, body fat long in low level state easy to be closed or even infertility, so non-professional athletes recommended body fat percentage of more than 17 percent, men in 10 to 18 percent.

6. Muscle balance

As shown in figure can see each part of the upper body lower limbs and trunk muscle mass, usually around the muscles of the body volume difference value range is not more than 0.25 kg, symmetrical limb muscle mass difference is too big to consider whether there is a physical disease

Other problems caused by excessive imbalance or excessive long-term muscle mass.

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