Do you need a sports bracelet?

2017-10-20 17:29:15

Do you need a sports bracelet?

In our country, eight people are diagnosed with malignant tumors every minute, and five people die from cancer.

And more young people are suffering from cancer, one of the familiar: are going to the Massachusetts institute of technology graduate school of western wei, won the first runner-up, Bella, "China good voice plan within three years to become an associate professor of fudan shandong jining Dr...

They all ended up living a wonderful life because of cancer.

Cancer is so terrible that it must be prevented early.

There are five popular lifestyle habits, not only popular, but also positive for cancer prevention.

Lose weight and control your weight in a reasonable range

The popularity of fitness has increased people's attention to health.

Whether it's for "plastic" or "augmented muscle", most people's intentions are to control weight and prevent obesity.

Indeed, overweight and obesity pose a serious health risk.

A study published in the lancet, a leading medical journal, found that people who were overweight and obese had a significantly higher rate of cancer compared to the average person.

Obesity may increase the risk of uterine cancer by 62 per cent, 31 per cent for gallbladder cancer and 25 per cent for kidney cancer.

If you're still struggling with whether or not you need to lose weight, consider using a body mass index (BMI) to measure weight (kg) over height (m) squared.

For example:

A man weighs 65 kg and is 1.7m tall. His BMI is 65.

He is normal weight.

Refer to China's BMI standard:

Underweight: less than 18.5

Normal weight: 18.5 ~ 23.9

Overweight: > 24

Overweight: 24 ~ 26.9

Obesity: 27 to 29.9

If you are already overweight or even obese, do a fitness card and have a private education, then you must insist on it, after all, you should cherish your health while you are hurting.

Eat more vegetables, control salt, oil, sugar

Because of the busy work, many people Chinese food and even dinner are usually solved directly by the company.

But more and more people are turning away from fast food like "Fried chicken burgers" and turning to "salads."

When people begin to pursue "light food", they are actually preventing cancer.

Fried foods such as "Fried chicken burgers" are high in fat and high in calories. They also contain carcinogens such as "benzopyrene" and "acrylamide", which can lead to cancer such as colon cancer.

But like light food, such as "salad" vegetable component, can ensure adequate dietary fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins, and low salt, low fat, low sugar, greatly reduce the risk of taking colorectal cancer occurs.

The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommended that a day of salt control should be less than 6 g, cooking oil controlled at 25 ~ 30 g, and the intake of trans fats not exceeding 2 g and sugar intake not exceeding 50 g.

A big meal out there is likely to give you a day of salt, oil, and sugar.

But if you choose to eat salad, you can not only eat less salt, oil and sugar, but also develop healthy eating habits.

Run, run for at least five days a week

Exercise is closely linked to reducing the incidence of cancer.

According to a study involving 1.44 million people, exercise can reduce the incidence of 13 kinds of cancer, including common liver cancer incidence (by 27%), lung (26%), colon (16%), breast cancer (10%).

Exercise stimulates the immune system, activates more immune cells, boosts immunity, and strengthens the body's ability to clean up tumor cells.

In addition, the American cancer society recommends that people have at least five days a week, and 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise to prevent cancer.

For those of you who have a running habit, the moderate intensity is the strength of keeping your running speed between 8 and 10 kilometers per hour, and your heart rate at 110 to 130 beats per minute.

If you also have a gym bracelet after 9 p.m., keep running around the street or around your neighborhood for an hour.

Social occasions do not give up smoking

Quitting smoking is a very effective way to prevent cancer, but many people can't quit, especially when it comes to social engagement.

Men who smoke are 23 times more likely to have lung cancer than non-smokers, and women 13 times more likely to have lung cancer. And secondhand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer.

Happily, though, people used to socialize at the dinner table and now slowly move to cafes, showrooms and other public places where smoking is banned and opportunities for smoking are gradually reduced.

The change of social scene, to some extent, has certain positive significance to cancer prevention.

Cultivate health awareness and learn to prevent cancer

While maintaining good health, we also need to cultivate good health awareness, and cultivating consciousness comes from learning.

In today's "lifelong learning", you actually have a lot of opportunities to learn health.

It's good to focus on a reliable medical health class, or to participate in public lectures on health knowledge.

In addition, some general hospitals will go to community clinics, carry out cancer science seminars, and even establish cancer prevention groups to spread the knowledge of cancer prevention in various ways.

You can fill in the gaps in health knowledge by consulting with experts on the spot.

These activities have participated in many activities, which are conducive to developing good health awareness and forming good habits:

Active physical examination, early screening for disease, willingness to pay for expert health knowledge, and a health care solution for the risk of disease.